I choose you

Ok so ofcourse, I just started at a new school and isn’t that new anymore as I’m already used to everything. But like lately Ihavent really had any special crush of any kind, and thats not a bad thing: I’ve been to busy with this new school. And like there are lots of attractive new faces here, but noone that really stood out from the rest. 

Until this one guy, working at the school as a trainee or something: I spot him. Don’t really think much of it at first, but then I look further into him as he is a bit older than everyone else I’ve spotted around here. Like I said, he is not a student. 

I gave him an extra though, and like I was talking to my friends about this attractive guy at school. And like as I was talking about him I see him coming out from a corner with his bike looking sooo gooood! I pointed at him and was like “That guy!”. It was very strange seeing him, I have never seen him in the past years at all and like didn’t know he excisted until I started at this school. My friend was like “Him? Thats my neighbor” and I was sooo shocked! Because this girl is my bestfriend, I’ve been at her place almost everyday and never noticed him. But I had pointed out his house so many times not knowing of the good looking guy living inside it. 

Later that day (yesterday) I gave him another thought and was like: “Nah he is just like any other guy i find attractive, not going to happen. No need to put any more thought into it”. I was listening to his playlist on spotify at the time. And then one of my all time favorite songs that mean so much to me but is not very popular, it came on!!! It was on his playlist and my entire thoughts of him changed. Literally I got so happy and now I can’t help smiling and fluttering everytime I see him. 

This is very strange to me. Just earlier he was any other attractive guy, now he is THAT guy. And I want to get to know this guy, I am dedicated on this now. 

Also I sent him a friend request just now, and realized it is his birthday today. Should I congratulate him? And like its great because he ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST

Anyone else relate to this btw? Not knowing of someones existance, but then you see them 1 time and suddenly you spot them every single day. Is my mind being more observant after this guy without really telling me? Like it feels like my brain is one step ahead of me waiting for my thoughts to follow on. Does that make any sense? 

Though now I gotta find a way to communicate with this guy. Help.

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