I finally get to relax today.  I’ve been going out a lot lately and it’s definitely taking a toll on my body and my bank account.  The other night I went out with a friend to watch some boxing fight and luckily he wanted me to come out so bad he paid for everything.  The place was super crowded but he already had a seat and he was there with two other friends whom I’ve never met but they were super welcoming and nice.  I didn’t really care to watch the fight but mainly just drank.  After the fight was over we went to another bar and we weren’t even there for 30 minutes when my friend got super sweaty and almost fainted.  I’m not sure what was wrong with him but usually drinking that much doesn’t cause anyone to do that unless you got something slipped in your drink or mixed it with other drugs.  He was just out of it.  They had a whole scene where they had to call the ambulance and they pulled a stretcher out for him but he said he was fine and I’m sure he was embarrassed and didn’t want to be taken away on a stretcher.  After we sat awhile and his friend talked to the doctor the bar owner said we had to leave.  I didn’t care cause I had work the next day and I was more worried about my friend.  His friend asked for my number and I think he was interested in me but for the life of me I can’t even remember what he looked like.  The next morning I was sooooo hungover.  I threw up three times but I couldn’t miss anymore work since I’m already on thin ice so I had to drag my hungover ass to work.  I’m surprised my car started.  Work wasn’t too bad.  I think throwing up that much helped get it out of my system faster.  Previously Tyler had asked if I was free that night and at first I said no but then I told him I was free if he still wanted to hangout.  Of course, crickets.  At least I’m on my way to other options.  I can’t just sit around and wait until one day he actually wants to hangout.  I’m over it and I’m moving on.  So I finally got a good nights rest and today I’m basically going to relax and tomorrow I plan on going on another hike.  It’s by the bay and it’s not quite as far as I’ve been driving so it should be nice and relaxing.  I’ve never really hiked this much before but it’s becoming my new favorite hobby.   

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