This is my passive aggressiveness way of dealing with tantrums. Yes, you know I would eventually see your fat reference comments on a mutual friends page. Your trying to goat me, but I know your tricks, I know you and your 40yrs old husband are nothing but immature children. You may think you have it all, money, family, friends, and vacations whenever you feel like it. But let me break it down to you, your renting your house for the past 5+yrs. Your husband is a pill popper who can’t get his dick up even when you try to flaunt your fake DD’s in his face. Does money automatically get you respect, does flashing your money around make you royalty? Keep in mind, money comes and goes, and King can be dethroned. All your coffee in the world isn’t going to make you happy, it will just make you paranoid in who you can trust. I was loyal even to the end, but you both still haven’t given me my peace, and let me live my simple life. So fuck you both, I’m a keep myself hidden, and collected, you won’t see me or hear me. Go head and play your games, I’ll let you both be the monkeys and the jesters in my kingdom.

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