[53] ~*Tue – 08/29/17*~

[2:31 am]

I shouldn’t be writing right now as I should be sleeping. I don’t need to wake up super early but I still need to wake up around 10 am ON MY DAY OFF. We’re going to the dentist which is an hour and a half drive away so we need to leave early-ish. Well really we don’t need to leave that early as the appointment is only at 2:40 but my friend is coming with us and she wanted us to leave earlier so we could visit the town as she hasn’t been there much. We go all the way there for the dentist cause it’s where I always went. As I said earlier, when I moved I stopped going to the dentist and decided to go back like 10 yrs after cause my teeth were getting really dirty and I knew I needed to do something before it was too late. With my fear of losing my teeth I don’t even know why I waited so long before going. I guess it was because of the cost. So when I looked at dentists here in the city where we now live I found it was so expensive that I called my old dentist place to see what their price were and it was way cheaper to go there. It was actually worth the drive and I see my mom at the same time so it’s a win-win. I tried looking for a new dentist here this year but then decided that what ever, we’ll just keep going to the same one as it gives me a chance to see my mom.

Anyways, my day wasn’t too bad in the end. My last client didn’t cancel but she only took an hour so that was good. I did call the Halfway House but no one answered which is kind of weird. I know the guy had giving me different numbers to call but the message got deleted so I have no clue what those numbers are. I will look online tomorrow to see if I can find a different number to call or I may just email him to tell him what happened and all. An email would actually be better for me cause for some reason I fear the phone. I can go and talk to the person face to face no problem but when it gets to the phone for some weird reason I don’t feel comfortable. It’s another reason why I’m not too sure about working at the Halfway House as much as I want to work there. You need to answer the phone when the inmates are out and calls the house to let you know where they are in the community so I’m not too sure about that. It’s something I’d have to work on. But yea, I did call and didn’t get anywhere with that.

After work I went to Costco and they were sold out on the bikes. I couldn’t believe it. I asked someone and she said there was a new shipment that was coming, I’d have to check back in a day or two. I’m not sure if my mom still wants me to buy one. I’ll have to ask again tomorrow when I see her. So I ate at Costco then we went to the Casino. My friend didn’t get anything with her $10. I didn’t get anything with mom $5 but I took out $10 on my $5. Haha! It was 6:30 and I had to be at the store for 7:00 so I decided to take the $10 out and give it to my friend. It was funny cause when she went to the machine to get the money, another guy was also going to the machine and when he saw she only took out $10 he said “taking out big winnings I see”. It was very funny but hey, free money is always nice even though it’s only $10. Another funny thing, I win a lot (not big amounts) but I never get any money. I always seem to give it away. I win $40, I use $20 for me and my friend food then give her the other $20. I win $50, I end up giving $40 to my brother. I win $10 and I give it to my friend. I think I’m too nice.

After the Casino I dropped my friend off and went to work at the store which went by super fast as I only work two and a half hours. I also called my mom when I got back from work and that woman.. we are meant to go watch Kidnap tomorrow but of course, she already went to see it tonight. I told her not to go, that if she wanted to go to the movies to go see something else. She said her friend wanted to go see that one. I wonder if it’s true or not.. That dear mom of mine. She said it was good and she was okay with seeing it again tomorrow. She’s worse than me. She pays twice to see the same movie. I only saw movies twice when I worked at the theater and it was free. Oh well.. as long as she’s enjoying herself. 

Now I shall try to sleep as I have about seven and a half hours to sleep and we all know I need way more than that cause sleep is my favorite hobby especially on my day off. 




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