Day 549 – Portfolio & Boku No Hero Academia

Monday, August 28th 2017

Today included anime and working on my portfolio quite a bit.

I played a tiny bit of Dead by Daylight with my second mom and her sister. Another staff member also asked me for help with a secret project, so I only really got informed and helped get it started just a tiny bit, by saying what we should use in general.

I managed to finally draw the portfolio character correctly after several attempts! I was listening to Talking To Myself by Linkin Park and when I drew the face correctly, I did a passionate victory lip sync (would’ve sung the song out loud, but my brother was in the next room). I later showed the drawing to my dad and he said it was much better than the drawing I showed yesterday.

I’ve been watching Boku No Hero Academia, and got to episode 15? I started watching it only yesterday or the one before. But ever since he first showed up, my favourite character is Aizawa Shota, or Eraser Head. He’s this sleepy, bored and described by many characters that he looks “washed up”. But despite hiding in a sleeping bag now and then, and not caring about some things, he’s actually pretty cool. He reminds me of Snape a little, having long black hair and being strict on his students, expelling some if he didn’t exceed his expectations, but actually still caring for them as well. For his line of work, he doesn’t look for media attention compared to others and has this really neat power that erases others’ powers and a scarf that he can move around with his power. He also doesn’t have a flashy costume for what he does, but instead just what he deems necessary for his power.

Later on I watched a couple episodes of Supernatural and tomorrow begins my first day of being a senior. Wish me luck!

That’s all for today.

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