Never Show Your True Face

Never show your true face… or what it actually feels to be pretty

“Beauty is a curse on the world it keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are” says the carver, but I would rephrase it to “beauty is a curse on a person it keeps us from seeing who the real woman/guy is”.

For some reason if you don’t look like a scarecrow on a windy October’s day in a field, people assume straight away that you have thousands of admirers, perfect life and “can choose any guy you want”. BOLLOCKS
To be honest I never thought of myself as very pretty. I consider myself normal woman that takes care of herself both inside and outside with somewhat charismatic slightly weird artistic spirit.

This so called “beauty” has always been more of a curse than a blessing to me, especially when it comes to love. Those people who I like and admire don’t even look my way, have courage to talk to me on one to one basis and would never ask me out on a date. They think that I get tons of attention from other guys, I am out of their league (seriously WTF?!) and they aren’t good looking enough. I do get angry with these guys, because it hurts, they judge book by it’s cover, disregard me without even looking at the first page. How do I know that? A few of them years later decided to tell me how much they liked me but didn’t dare to say anything because of fear getting rejected.

This is how I end up surrounded by idiots that make my stomach churn they could be summed up by a phrase “hey babes, wanna me to buy you a drink?” For these guys ideal girl must have an IQ of a cod, be submissive and as “hot” as possible so they can show her off in front of a friends like some proud peacock.

Amazon rainforest would be back in its former glory in no time if every time a smart and pretty woman got asked “why are you single ”a new tree is planted. An answer is simple we are not some china dolls waiting to be bought in shop by the best bidder. We are humans, we make mistakes, mess up, cry, hurt and get hurt just like everyone else and want to be understood, loved not only for “beauty” but all the imperfections too.

No matter what ugly, embarrassing story other people, who I claim to like or consider my friend, reveal to me I still give them a chance, a fucking benefit of a doubt. Sadly I meet a lot morons who want only perfection, beauty and none of the ugly that comes with it.

So I continue my solo journey until one day in my life will appear a person who will understand and accept me the way I am, appreciate my efforts and if not world is rather interesting place where there’s plenty to do without a love to a man.


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