True Friends Stab You In A Front

Why people  are incapable of making their mind up until it’s  too late?

Why do we  imagine that, those who think the world of us, will wait for us like some  kind of furniture or device, that you can use when needed and after shove it somewhere away from our thoughts? Probably  one of the most important  things in life – to have people, who believe  in you, when you doubt yourself, encourage you when you get scared of sometimes creepy jokes of life, the ones that  wait, when you  need time…. But even how much that person cares, sooner or later time will come, when to wait, until you will have a wish to communicate, will be  too long.

Really, a lot of us think, that the most  important things are true friends  and love. Ironically, but when  we have  it, after a while we stop appreciating and easily due to our own  fault lose it. Doesn’t it remind  of a childhood, when for half a year you would  be begging parents to get for Christmas some toy and when  received it, before Spring came you would forget where you shoved it?

There are times when I  put on happy person’s smile and no one can see in my eyes that something is wrong. I don’t know is it because they don’t care or just don’t find time to stop and have a better look. In moments like these I start to  wonder if people that I am surrounded by are just busy with their own things passers by or are they going to stay with me for longer…

When other people stop seeing their life without you, you become responsible for them. Responsible that after a week without receiving a single message, they wouldn’t decide that no one needs them. Responsible for that they wouldn’t cry hidden alone in toilet whilst you without any suspicion continue enjoying party. Because if that person really cares about you, at first he will not wish to put all his problems  onto you, so you wouldn’t need to worry about it and after a while if you don’t take the initiative he will conclude that you simply don’t care.

And maybe one night you will come back after all crazy parties and fun chats with new acquaintances and feel lonely and empty. And then you will realise that you kept forgetting old friends, will want to ring a person who used to understand you without words and… you will get lucky if in his life you haven’t been replaced by the one who is capable of appreciating such important things as real friends….

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