53. Rise and Grind

I love i have downloaded the app for my journal.

Anytime, anywhere, release. 


I’m doing much better then I predicted this morning with the truck. Possibly because I’m the one unloading it. Throwing the boxes down the line, keeps my body focused, but my mind wanders, of course to you. 

I wish you could be here to watch this sun rise with me on this break. It’s almost as gorgeous as you are. 

Even though, again she’s all I think about. There’s a calm over me today, maybe crying my self to sleep for the first time helped, or I just don’t have much left to give. Either way, this bit a relief is nice. 

I came prepared to hit the gym directly after work, how ever being the unloaded, this is more of a full body work out then I had bargined for. My toes are even beginning to feel sore. Ha, with that thought for once I smile, I miss being sore from lifting, makes me feel alive, full of life. More then I have been able to feel, some how….i enjoy it. 


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