[54] ~*Wed – 08/30/17*~

[11:44 pm]

I’ve emailed the guy for the job at the Halfway House. I couldn’t bring myself to call earlier so I decided to go with an email. Now let’s wait and see. I hope I can get a job there and that it all works out for the best. 

Let’s talk about something so I don’t start to worry about it. I got another thing from the Casino for $5 per week. Blah! It’s nice to have free play money but come on, $5!! It’s costing me more in gas than anything else. I was all excited about it but now I’m not sure. Maybe if I’d keep my lil winnings instead of giving them away. Talking about giving money away, I need to go pay those windows and doors tomorrow. They finally came this morning to fix my garden doors so now I should probably go pay. I will cry when all that money will leave my bank account. I also need to book the treehouse if we want to go as it’s next week. So much money all at once. Plus both me and hub will miss a week on our next paycheck as we are taking some vacation. It sucks that both of us aren’t paid for our vacations. I’m just glad we have three paychecks in the month so it will save us. I just hope I can go away, escape and relax but I normally do when we go camping. It’s relaxing! 

Beside that, today was just a normal day with nothing interesting going on. I checked the price for the boat tour and it’s only $15/person so that’s nice. Mom was able to take the day off for when we go back to the dentist so we’ll be going on the boat. I’m excited! I normally go sailing during summer with clients but I didn’t go this year. The one client that really wanted to go, I don’t have anymore. The other one, he had lost an hour so we didn’t go and he got the hour back too late. It’s okay with me as I didn’t really want to go cause it was always too warm. I’m sorta allergic to the sun/heat so this summer wasn’t good for me being out in the open, in the sun. I kinda want to go on that boat tour when me and hub go camping next week but it would be like two weeks apart from going with mom so I don’t know if we should go. I’d just want to be doing something but there isn’t really much to do. I guess relax and enjoy the quietness of the wild. Haha! We’ll be playing board games so I can’t wait as we never do. Funny how we need to go away to do stuff. Life is just too busy. Technology doesn’t help. That’s why when we go camping we have a no technology rule. We have our cell during the day for emergency and we can only use them to play at night when we’re done our day. They have treehouses with electricity but we take the one without so then we can’t charge our phones so we’re limited on the battery. Last year I wanted to bring the laptop so we could watch a movie at night but hub said it was technology. Blah! I might ask him again this year. Haha! Not sure what movie we’d watch. A nice scary one could be cool as we’re out in the woods in a tree. I’d have to look to see if I can find one. I’m also not sure if the screen would be big enough for us to really see the movie so maybe it’s not a good idea. 




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