A letter to my ex (Old)

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Dear (Insert name here) ,
I know you’re upset that things couldn’t work out between us, but I just can’t do this anymore. It’s exhausting when someone you love needs to change and they just don’t seem to want it for themselves. I wish that I had broke things off with you earlier because I would’ve been much more happier if I did. I was no longer in love with you. I was no longer in love with you when I realized that I deserve better after a million times of being disrespected by you. After I realized that you don’t know the meaning of personal boundaries. I just can’t be with a guy like that because you know what they say, it only gets worse from there on and, bingo. The theory was proven. You were emotionally abusive and tried to cover it up. You’re selfish. Not only for trying to control me but for also trying to control how everyone thinks of me. You’re toxic and I am done with expecting you to change. I am done with expecting anything from anyone. Through these past few months experiences I’ve learned to accept the fact that the only person that I can truly rely on and love 100% is myself. So I am done. I don’t care what our so called “friends” think of me for breaking your heart, because in a way, you deserved it. And in the end, everyone will always get what they deserve. I’m not going to waste my time hating you, or hating anyone else that’s screwed me over recently because that’s so fucking time consuming and a waste of energy. I mean think about it. While you’re wasting energy hating, this person is most likely not losing any sleep. This gives them power over you. So why even bother? I want to forgive you for all the pain you’ve caused me for the past four years but I don’t think I am ready to forgive yet. Everyone has a breaking point, a point where they’ve had enough of being fucked with. Even the nicest people do. That’s where I’m at now. I am done with everything, I will no longer give people more than they deserve because it’s almost never appreciated. Everyone complains about the lack of good people in the world but that’s because good people always get screwed over in the end. And that’s the lesson I was forced to learn the hard way. So sure, I will most likely break more hearts in the future. And they will deserve it, just like you did.

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