code theory, oh yay….. 😴

After viewing week 6’s  set readings about Theorizing Code I thought that the scholarly article by Kitler (1997) titled ‘There’s no Software’ could help me to understand more about code literacy as to be quite honest with you I’ve only ever thought of Coding as a practical thing not theoretical.

At first I thought this was going to be extremely boring but when learning in the Lecture undertaken by James Meese he talked about how in Kitler’s scholarly article he believes that we are not writing anymore, we’re typing in a screen in a way that’s been mediated and how writing makes us lose our lack of knowledge. (J Meese 2017, lecture, 29 August).

Kitler (1997) believes that code has always been integral to the organisation of human activity, Kitler explains that we need to understand code in order to better understand what computers are actually doing and the best way to understand code and gain that knowledge is to write code. In the 21st Century computer communities cautions people against writing code and they want people to live on mac OS and windows etc and not know how the actual physical machine works (Kitler 1997). 

Kitlers advice is one of the reasons I have decided to understand code for my major work both physically and theoretically to better understand code and increase my code literacy and actually find out how it works. I am part of the modern society that he talks about, I live on my mac OS and I know nothing about what it actually does and how it works, how the machine works. My generation’s lives are focused on social media and I would like to challenge my intuitive approach to computers and understand not just what it is but more how it works!

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