Day 30 – 30 Days of Family

Wow, I really dropped the ball on my August journal. I actually absolutely forgot about it since the last time I wrote. August has been so busy with family and friends and I have just fallen behind.  I’ve been really busy at my day job (which I love) and trying to get as much summer in as possible. It’s been so warm and sunny. Every day is amazing.

I had a great Friday last week with my sisters. We went shopping and for lunch. Many giggles were had, I got offered a job at a clothing store and, without warning, purchased the most perfect new handbag. I told my sister I was going to use it to carry my water bottle to work and she laughed and said – you work from home. I said – and every morning I’m going to fill my water bottle, put it in my purse and go in the living room and start working. 😄

I’ve been busy refinishing my patio furniture. The hunter green wrought iron set I bought many years ago for $149.00 (need to know that cause it was soooo cheap) is now a gorgeous charcoal grey and looks stunning. I have an aqua blue umbrella ready to top it off and it will be perfect on the new patio.

I’ve settled back into some good yoga again now that the evenings are shorter and enjoying very much. Soon my bicycle will be packed away 😔 and summer will be a fond memory. But until then, I’m off to Calgary to celebrate Shannon’s 50th birthday 🎂 and then bringing her home with me tomorrow to enjoy some quality time with the girl who is as close to me as any of my family. 👭


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