Day 550 – First day of school

Tuesday, August 29th 2017

So today was my first day of being a senior.

First class (English) the schedule was messed up, so we had to wait for someone to direct us to which class we should be at. Eventually we arrived and met the teacher. He seems chill and has an awesome deep and calming narrator voice. But he acknowledged that the work he’s gonna give us throughout the year was put together last second and will be crap. So yay… It’s English though, and my college is looking for my grade not only there, but math, so I have to make sure it’s the best it can be.

My next class is my favourite; technology! And guess what? We have to make a portfolio, and I’m making it mostly about 3D animation, since that’s one of the three subjects. So that’s PERFECT for me, cause I wanna go into animation. It was also great to see the teacher again, since he’s awesome. There was also this guy in front of me who had a nose bleed, and I all I thought was “I feel you”. I used to have nose bleeds so often, and still do sometimes, but not as much.

At lunch I sat with my usual group, together with my close friends and Kohai. We talked about our classes and teachers, and job experiences.

I had French next with Kohai. The teacher (whom I noticed was very tall and pretty) kept mentioning grammar and Kohai loves it, while I don’t. So when the teacher announced we would be doing a dictation, she quietly celebrated while I quietly cried inside. But the tables turned when we discovered it was the only dictation and it was only for the teacher to know where we are at with our grammar. I’m not good at French grammar. I don’t know my tenses at all and I seriously need to review them once I get the chance, which isn’t anytime soon. But I got 12 errors, which isn’t too bad. Not great, but not terrible. If I knew the person in the text was feminine, I would’ve added e’s to my verbs, since in French, you add e’s to some verbs if the person is female, which makes me wonder how grammar works for people who identify as non-binary or whatever else and who speak French, but that’s besides the point. A lot of people didn’t realise the person was female either and did the same mistake. If I knew, I would’ve only gotten 8 errors. One error was a word I didn’t hear, three I didn’t write them correctly (one of them being an expression I never heard before), and the rest is my weakness : tense. I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would though.

I had math last. Kohai was supposed to be with me, but she had to leave early for an appointment. The teacher’s way of teaching is much different than what I’m used to. Apparently tests are open notes, which I’m still doubting myself if I heard right, cause that’s hard to believe, and instead of having the tests and all worth 70%, and your exam 30%, it’s 55%, a project of 15% and then the exam of 30%. Apparently the project is what turns a lot of students away from the class. I’m just hoping it’s in groups. If it is, I’m fine, cause I’m with Kohai. But also he has this thing where if a student from a different class or a teacher comes in, we have to clap our hands to welcome them, and if we do, we get a break of ten minutes. But you have to be careful, since the person needs to be inside the classroom and not at the door, and some students and teachers know this, so they’ll test you on it, and you can’t clap twice to save yourself. It’s just so unusual, haha. Like, sometimes teachers have these little things that make their class unique, but that’s pretty unusual. Fun though.

At home I did a run/jog of 32-35 minutes. I could’ve went much longer, but I had to prepare for supper. That’s the thing, I’m limited in time. So what I’m gonna do is simply make the run more intense instead of longer.

After supper I did some English homework (was probably not homework, but just in case), then reviewed my math cause I was so confused in class. I understand it now. It was just new to me. I called Kohai to explain as best as I could as to what she missed. I was calling her on my cell, since she couldn’t go on her computer. After a bit we were just chatting, but later my mom asked how long I’ve been on the phone and quickly asked me to get off. I knew I had a time limit on my phone for calls, but from last time I’ve been told, it was like, an hour a day or something. Turns out it’s an hour a month. I already had 12 minutes and called Kohai for 38ish, so I was already close to my hour. Kohai apologised even though it wasn’t her fault at all, so I told her not to apologise. At least it’s near the end of the month anyway, and I normally don’t ever make calls.

After that I watched an episode of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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