first day of senior year + birthday.

Today was my first day of senior year, as well as my 18th birthday.

I went to school later than I normally did last year. Everything was pretty cool since I already knew exactly where I had to go for every period (except lunch, which I found out during fourth period so it worked out). 

I wanted to see my old physics teacher, but she was busy, so I just went to my first period, computer programming II. It was pretty chill; my friend RS is with me, all we did is hang out and “get to know each other” (by filling out a survey and writing some stuff), and I made a new friend (?), a junior named T, who I later found out is the older brother of the little freshman (now sophomore, of course) buddy JC in my geography class last year. T is much more awkward than JC, but he’s still nice, of course, which is the important thing.

Then I went all the way across the second floor to Physics 2. The hallways were insanely crowded and slow. But I got there in time, of course, and sat in the middle of my friends N and JS. D sits in front of me, and A sits to the side, which is awesome. Of course, the dude I don’t like, C, sits to the side as well, but I can just ignore him. I have math with him, too. Oh well. Our teacher made us use spaghetti, string, shitty tape, and a marshmallow to build a tower. The highest stable tower would earn the group ten extra points on a daily grade. We got second, but at least our tower stayed up without falling after the measuring was done.

I went to Calc AB with D, and our teacher made us line up by birthdate, so then she knew that today was my birthday. Math was chill, anyway. There are loads of people in my class this year. For some reason, a lot of them are girls.

I had to go back upstairs for fourth. I have it with the new Latin teacher, who is a pretty young, chill-looking dude.

I have B lunch again, so I had to go down for Psychology with JS and D. We sit in a corner. After half a period, we had lunch together, then went back.

After Psych, I just walked a few steps to Gov. Our teacher is really excited and speaks very quickly. She found out it was my birthday because she asked who was 18, and then after she passed me a voter registration slip I said it to the people at my table. She made the class sing happy birthday to me, which was really awkward, but also really nice and heartwarming at the same time. It was the first time people my age had sung happy birthday to me on the actual day of my birthday… Isn’t that sad?

(Anyway, tomorrow I have to meet my Econ teacher. We have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Gov, and Tuesday and Thursday in Econ. It’s just a little weird this week because the first day got pushed back.)

After that, I went up to accounting. There were more people than I thought there would be. I sat opposite a girl that was in my class last year, although we never spoke or anything then. She’s nice enough. We had a review quiz, which was the most stressful thing I’d done in class all day. It wasn’t for a grade, though, which was a relief, haha.

Last period was English. We were assigned seats, but I got to sit face to face with my friend JS! Which was really cool. Also, we sit right in front of the board, so I can actually see what’s going on, unlike last year, when I sat way in the back, and could never see anything. Our teacher is pretty chill, although not as friendly/warm as Coach G was last year. After class, we had to go to get our textbooks from our lockers, since we already have reading assignments for Gov and Econ (and, in my case, Psych). So carrying those three books home was fun–NOT. My back hurt so much… and they didn’t all fit in my backpack, so I had to carry the Psych book, which was awful. I’m regretting even renting the locker now, honestly. AND I have to get a Physics 2 textbook, which is the same book we used last year for Physics 1. Ugh… no… I thought I had seen the end of that book… but apparently not.

Anyway… today so many more people than I thought wished me a happy birthday. It was really touching to me, which is dumb. But really, it means a lot that people would think about it or just think to say it. That’s really nice of them. I guess I would do the same thing if I found out it was someone’s birthday, but still. Even my friends from China remembered, which was really nice and touching.

I’m off to read stuff. There’s actually not THAT much to read… so… I can definitely get it all done before ten and then go to bed on time. God knows I’ll be craving sleep once school really picks up the pace.

Four-day week this week, and next week! Sweet. As long as I don’t procrastinate too much, it should all be fine. Tomorrow morning, I think I’ll pop into my old physics teacher’s before first period, just to see her.

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