Mother who doesn’t want to compromise

It’s frustrating dealing with a mother who refuses to resolve conflicts healthily. I tried to be civil and friendly using “I” messages trying to get her to stop talking bad about me behind my back but she dismissed my feelings. She literally told me “you imagine things…i’m not responsible for your feelings..” I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. It just feels that i have to be aggressive, demanding, angry, and threatening to get her to stop cuz that’s the only way she’ll get it.

2 thoughts on “Mother who doesn’t want to compromise”

  1. Wish i could go somewhere but unfortunately i don’t have many family members left. The only family member whom i considered a real mom was my grandma but she died of cancer when i was still a baby. I have good friends but they don’t seem to be too supportive. As in they don’t really know how to help me deal with my problems.

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