Another long day at chemo.  But first woke up with sore throat which has been going on for 2 days, bloody nose when I blew it and as usual a cough.  No headache or sore spots to the touch. Is it a cold or sinus infection.  I don’t know but maybe someone there can diagnose it.  They asked if I felt strong enough to get chemo today. Of course.  Bring it on.   This time the pre-meds did what they were intended to do.  I got very sleepy very quickly.  I told my nurse that the neuropothy in my hands had gotton worse from last week. Doctor ordered reduced chemo levels , refill of magnesium and surprise a z-pack.  I will pick it up tomorrow.  Love my Doc.  Hope it works.  Also got OnPro so I plan on leaving work early tomorrow so I can deal with it at home.  Forgot to get script for physical therapy.  Have to do that next week.   Tired and need to get some sleep so goodnight all. 

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