People always taking my mother’s side

1 thing i always hated was how ppl even complete strangers almost always took my mom’s side without knowing the whole story. “you should help out your mom cuz she took care of you..she raised you..she wants what’s best for you…” Ok well if you were in my position, would you be saying the same thing if you were born out of rape? What about not only having to deal with the effects of child abuse but having to deal with a mother who refuses to responsibility for you? Worse, puts the blame on you and tells you how you should or shouldn’t feel? You think mother knows best if she tried to abandon you to the abusive man she married? Would you be saying mother’s being supportive when she criticizes negatively and disregards your life choices but favors your sibling over you? What about a mother who refuses to own up to her mistakes and instead tries to make you look like the disobedient child because your not doing what’s convenient for her? You really think a mother who will only do the bare minimum but when it comes to making sacrifices to help you become independent, she leaves the responsibility to God and the government? How about a mother who has a hard time saying good things about you and instead talks bad about you behind your back? The only good things she’s done is the bare minimum (feed me, clothe me, bathe me, maybe spend some quality time, etc.) Other than that, you really think she’s doing her absolute best as a mother?

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