Rivals & Exam

One way or another, everyone has a rival. Be it someone who is competing in the same competition as you, or someone who has the same feeling towards your crush, you feel that that particular someone deserves your attention.

The reason why a rival deserves so much attention is that he or she is deemed as capable of surpassing you. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find yourself losing to your rival. 

Just today, I received my term 3 progress report card. Overall, I was satisfied with my results, considering that I scored the highest among my classmates in 3 subjects and I was above average in terms of my English. However, one thing perturbed me — I got six points lower than Tiffany, my rival, for Malay. I had always been aware that she is generally better in Malay than me, but I did not expect her to score a splendid 81%! It was far beyond my expectation. Though I got 75% which is an A1, it is barely an A1. With such score, I need to score an impossible 77%. Well, it is not literally impossible, but it would be very hard. While for her, scoring an A1 might be just a piece of cake.

I am having myself forced to believe that “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.” Indeed, there are numerous of such instances out there. But being a severe procrastinator, it would be extremely difficult for me to stay on track and not start bothering to do the most random, trivial things again. 

In the end, the only possible way that I can achieve an A1 is through hard work. So I’m either going to work hard now and celebrate later or procrastinate now and cry later.

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