Dear one person who reads this garbage,

Here’s the deal I was going to a school for awhile and it was good up until a year ago so I dropped out with permission from my mother. The catch is that I have to home school now. I can’t wait to start though! I’ll have so many more options. I can do whatever I want now basically. So there isn’t really anything else important though. Oh, wait there is the one girl who I’ve know for way more than half my life. I asked if we could play mafia then she said “Yeah, that would be the perfect game! Since you’re killing this friendship.”



One thought on “School”

  1. Alec, I didn’t understand why the girl is upset with you. I hope it works out. Homeschool is WONDERFUL! You can study piano for school credit or guitar or a million other things. I hope you LOVE it!!

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