Some Peace.

Mum came in morning.  She admitted that she used harsh words and it was a mistake. Thank God she came and dressed my wound. She made me understand that I need not be so touchy and should not take all things to heart. She recognised the fact that my sister was the one who poisoned my mind and I was the foolish one who was just speaking her words. The fight ended up between mum and me, and she was playing the diplomat and peace maker. My sister is very manipulative. She plays mind games all the time, feed people wrong information about me indirectly and keeps trying to cut off my circle. For eg, I was laying with eyes closed and my nephew was playing on my phone. She said to my nephew to leave my phone otherwise I would beat him up. I don’t beat kids but I’ve an image of beating kids, all the while I used to wonder why I have such image but such small small multiple incidences have proved that my sister is the reason that I’ve this image.

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