the biggest disaster of my life

it is the first day i am using this GNJ i am more comfortable to write here and this day is most important for me . 

i do not know where i am standing now in terms of my relationship standard , i used to be a happy go lucky kinda girl. had dated many guys , broken some hearts but not intensionaly , the biggest turn back of my time occurred on  4 sept, 2016 the guy i met was of my school as a schoolmate i was so open with him told him about my dating etc. meeting him was different and i started to talk  to him regularly soon things started changing he came closer and we step into our future , some dreams we had in our this relation , as i came into this relation i had stopped meeting guys even talking too.

once he asked for my fb password so i had given to him since then i m continuously being harrased by his bad behaviour and his lack of trust, even after our families are involved in our marrige which is i guess now not gonna happen. his thinking about me has never  change ,he never will be able to accept me from heart .

everyone has a past but if we stick on that we can never build our future this i have learnt ,each time he met he fuck me calling himself my husband , but i am totally broken this time one year of harrasement will gona end on 4 sept 2017 , after so much panic i have faced i have decided to live alone forever.


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