Wednesday August 30th

I had a really wonderful time at Jan’s event last night. The speaker was very inspirational. It was a whole lot of what I needed right now. I also did a lot of thinking yesterday about my reasons for moving back to Kentucky. The only reasons I want to go back are Noah and John. Otherwise, I miss nothing about it. I will just have to see how this school year plays out. 

My new friends here are so great. They have been so kind and welcoming to me. Today I have an appointment with a new therapist since my other one flaked out on me. I don’t get why she first of all wasn’t at her office at the time of our appointment and second of all, why she hasn’t tried to call me or contact me in any way to apologize for not being there. Very strange. If this one today isn’t right for me I will just go down the list and pick another one. This one seems a little less than organized, too, but I will at least give her a chance by going today. Today is the staff get together for my new school. Lets hope it is a positive experience. I really struggle with engaging new people in conversation. I am shy/backward/unsure of myself when it comes to that. I just don’t know how to do it. I will try my best, as that’s all I can do. 

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