Confessions of an Anonymous Star

As I sit here at the kitchen counter alone…kinda, and by choice, I’m talking to myself…

This time, it’s not about my woman choice of the moment, it’s the other new worries that seem to always find me…

I have realized that most of my irks or concerns are self inflicted. Still, I race with time to assuredly take out parts of my day to integrate more amid wieldin’ from self. The rest is…

There is a cruel trick that both my mind and what has occurred, plays on me…it’s called, life…

Playlist for the Nite

Sparks by Coldplay 

Stay Ready by Jhene Aiko

From Time by Drake 

Emoji of a Wave John Mayer 

Eraser by Thom Yorke 

Re Up by Belly feat. NAV 




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