Day 7

Yesturday I’ve left Russia 🇷🇺¬†for 4 month. And it was strange and hard seeing the filds and mountains disappeare under the wide clouds.¬†

Saying goodbye to the family was a challenge, an wierd and full of ego from the both sides challenge. Daniel has also come to the airport to band me a firewell. And I did cry on his shoulder. We spoke Рbut slow and steady, without touching any important issues. 

I loved Gen√®ve, thought, not from the first sight. The lake is amazing with it’s clean and cozy water. And the promenade is one of the best I’ve ever seen.¬†

No matter what, I’m thankful for this day and for the following experiences:¬†

Рafterwork cruise in Genève 

– “like home” accommodation¬†

Р4 written pages of the book 

– funny accident of me buying the wrong book “Eat Pray Love” – not an original one, but additional with the readers stories

– Tatiana’s music collection. Perfect to listen in the airplane¬†

– nice chat in French on the cruise

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