I guess I can pretend to be tired

So yesterday I actually got off my butt and drove about 2 hours to get to this hiking spot.  It wasn’t a bad drive except it was the first for me going there so I didn’t exactly know where to go.  Eventually I found a trail and of course at first it was beautiful and nice and I got to the top and saw a beach down below and it said it would take a little over 4 miles to get there.  I thought that seemed like a long time especially since I’d have to walk the 4 miles back but I like a challenge and I had a lot of time so I thought why not?  I ended up reaching the end after what seemed like hours and hours of walking but didn’t see any beach access and knew I had a long trek back so I just left and said once I got to my car I would just drive there.  So that’s when I got lost…again.  I had a damn map and signs but I still managed to get lost.  I just don’t plan things very well.  I never really plan out a specific trail and I always go by myself so it’s no wonder I’m not dead yet.  Basically I backtracked a bunch of times, had to go uphill, and downhill, then back uphill, then back downhill, then up and down a TON of stairs a countless number of times…then finally I got so lost I had to trek up to the highway and walk along there just to get back to my car or I would have never made it!  All in all it took me 7 hours total.  7 freaking hours!  The last time I walked that much, that strenuously, was when I did the Tough Mudder back in 2013.  My legs started cramping up.  Seriously if I didn’t find my way back to the car when I did, I think I would have had to straight up call the ambulance since I didn’t get any service out there.  I think I’m good on hiking in strange places for awhile.  Or at least places that don’t have so many trails that veer off into other trails.  So after I finally got home I passed out right away.  I probably slept for 15 minutes when I got a call from Tyler saying that he’s sorry he’s been ignoring me and blah blah blah same old excuses.  I was kind of still have asleep so I muttered something about whatever I don’t even care and then went back to sleep.  Today I had work but only for 5 hours and surprisingly my legs weren’t killing me today.  I got off right when rush hour hit but luckily I made dinner plans with one of my coworkers so I didn’t have to go straight home.  Now I’m home and I’m kind of bored.  I don’t have any plans cause for one I’m broke and for two, everyone else works tomorrow.  I’m off tomorrow so tonight would be the perfect time.  But oh well, I have sort of plans with my good friend this weekend so I should probably just stay in and save my money.  Tomorrow I thought I was gonna meet up with this guy from this dating site (in which I’ve been on almost 24/7) trying to find a replacement for Tyler which is probably not going to happen but he hasn’t responded either.  I’m probably going to end up doing nothing or maybe trying to go swim tomorrow.  I definitely am good off hikes for a little while. 

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