New Printer

I bought a new multifunction printer today to deal with all the goddamned boxes of pictures I’ve been dealt after the most recent death.

I thought i could do better than my 12-year-old machine’s 1 picture/minute. I’m a fool.

New Epson is trash. I’d happily Office Space the damned thing, but im not made of cash.

Anyway, I wondered why i have such an attachment to the old multifunction. Why am i loathe to let it go?

Aside from that stupid brain thing that makes me think inanimate objects have feelings, i think it’s because my grandparents bought it for me. I remember the day we bought it.

Then i decided fuck that. There are probably plenty of people who live their adult lives without objects purchased by now-dead loved ones. And plenty who never received anything from their family.

So, while the goddamned Epson isn’t going to work out, it’s ok to get a new scanner of some sort. I don’t have to keep this thing just because of who bought it. Lest I become like the people who bought it.

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