Still Thursday apparently

I have lost a day .

I was convinced today was Friday but apparently it’s not.I had to click the button on the remote to bring up the day on the TV to check .Why are days so long or am I just wishing my life away ?

Searching the internet for help for surpressed anger brought up some interesting articles.Which made me think about writing what eats me inside down.I guess some won’t be pretty or even make sense but hey ho.

I don’t lose my temper easily or show emotions even at happy events,even my family say I must have a cold heart but the truth is it destroys me inside and it’s something I don’t want to share with them or can’t share with them.

Having been brought up not to cry or show emotions in the time when Children should be seen and not heard that has continued with me throughout adulthood.

Reading these articles I found it seems that repressed anger can upset your whole body in ways you would never expect from depression to lethargy to back pain to stomach problems and the lists  continue.Well I have had them all which makes me wonder if sometimes my ills are a product of my own life .As real as these problems are have I helped them on their way by not letting out my true feelings.



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