Struggles with independence

My struggle with being independent is this. Learning basic skills is actually easy. What makes it harder is the unwillingness of my mom to actually help me. For example we both have bad habits. She’s had a bad habit of doing everything for me cuz she’s a ppl pleaser. I have a bad habit of taking advantage of that cuz it’s the way it’s always been ever since i was a kid. Seems like she doesn’t want me doing anything major. I mean she’s never bought me a car or anything that would help me become independent. My brother kinda helped me out but we still had probs with communication. If i was living by myself or involved in a program for dysfunctional ppl like me, those skills would be so much easier to learn. Ppl don’t get that. Only like 2-4 ppl get it. The rest don’t. It’s so frustrating, disappointing, you name it especially since i don’t really know how to put it into words at times.

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