Thursday August 31st

I signed up for a yoga class for today, but I can’t make it on time. I thought it started at 10:30, but it’s at 10. Oh well. I went to my staff get-together yesterday. Everyone seems really nice so far. I like the attitude about New Visions, too. It seems everyone knows it’s bullshit. That’s a relief. 

I was thinking yesterday, that I need to start planning my evening before bed routine-planning to go do it before I get sleepy. I need to allot myself 30 minutes to spend in the bathroom, taking care of my teeth and my face. I am really bad to wait until I’m ready to fall asleep to go to start the process, and then I leave out steps just because I don’t care at that point. I may even set an alarm on my phone so that I will go at the same time every day. I bought those Crest White Strips to start using on my teeth, and then I forgot I even had them. I did use them last night for the first time, and now my teeth hurt today. 🙁 I need to do that every other day, and I need to make sure to take them off after 30 minutes, promptly. 

I read a lot of – well, 3 negative reviews of the therapist I went to yesterday. Now I don’t know what to think about her. It’s a shame we live in a world where you cannot trust anyone. She told me she wanted me to come 2 times a week! Oh my. In Kentucky, I was lucky to get in with Lisa every other week- and, to make that happen, I had to make appointments way in advance. Ugh. Now I am concerned this woman is asking me to come so often just because she wants money, not because she really wants to help me. I do not trust her. And, she insulted me somewhat when she acted like no one in Kentucky helped me because they assumed alcoholism was the norm, and she compared it to up state New York where her “summer house” was where all the locals were always drunk. WTF, man? I really liked being able to walk to her office, but that’s about it. And, her “office” was her apartment, and she made me take my shoes off to come in. All very weird. No, I don’t think I will go back there. Guess I need to keep looking for a therapist. It’s such a pain in the ass. She is the 3rd one I’ve seen in NY. The first one was pretty good, but she’s not on my insurance. 

I am going to bust my ass at my job this year. I am going to work hard to get our regents pass rates up. I want to make a real difference at my school. I want my admin to like me and think I’m valuable to the school. 

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