Am I doing to much ?

I feel like I’m a person who has a good amount of friends. But lately I haven’t felt as though they are really my “friends”. Not because they’ve did me wrong but because I feel like I can’t really reach out to them, they all seem too busy and occupied while I’m chilling in the bed thinking and thinking and overthinking till I make myself believe they no longer have time for me. I’ve had too many incidents recently where I’ve regretted doing something and going out of my way and putting extra effort into something or someone. Things as simple as calling them to speak, messaging them to meet up or simply saying hi long time. I’ve been rejected or made to feel like I’m doing too much… I know someone out there would appreciate me because I have people that appreciate me and what im about . It’s just the people that respond in a different way than I expected that make me think I’m doing too much. I don’t know much about depression but what I do know is that it smarts small. I don’t want to end up somewhere emotionally where I see myself in a negative light, where I feel I’m doing everything wrong and no one has time for me… this will end my next post will be all positive thoughts¬†

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