Five More Minutes

There is a song by Scotty McCreery called “Five More Minutes”. It’s a country song, if that matters. But boy does it bring back memories of the past and, at the same time, it sparks thoughts (and perhaps fear?) of the future. I think about when Mom used to call us in for dinner or tell us we had to come home from the neighbors. She’d tell us it was time to get off the phone or turn off the TV. She warned “five more minutes and it’s bedtime” and when the time came, we’d plead for just five more minutes… It brings a smirk to my face as I think about it. We (all five of us) were always trying to get away with just five more minutes. But the smirk fades as I think back to my grandparents and friends who have passed and I wonder how different things would be if they, or I, or we had just five more minutes… I strive to live my life in hopes that five more minutes wouldn’t make a difference. That when my time comes, those I love will know it wholeheartedly, that I will have done what I was meant to do, had the fun and adventures that I was meant to have, that I loved and appreciated every day and that I lived in such a way that others thought of me as kind, funny and loving… That when I leave, I leave with no regrets and join my friends and family with open arms. Some days I struggle to find the grace I need to get through with a positive attitude and a vibrant smile. Some days I can’t beat the depression and I cry or spend the day in bed. Some days I sit and question God all day as to why I’m alone when I am so desperate to be loved. I put in the work to be whole on my own but as Taya Kyle (Wife of American Sniper, Chris Kyle) says “We’re not meant to go it alone”. I mention her because I recently listened to her speak and saw so much of myself in her. We are both so independent and determined to make it alone but then comes a time where you think maybe you’re not meant to spend this life alone. And she’s right. Back on track, the point is I guess that I’m not always bright and shiny and perhaps five more minutes could change that? If I listened to the right song, called the right person, did the right thing… Five more minutes, it just makes you think… That being said, it’s a powerful song and if you like country or aren’t opposed to it, you should give it a listen. I’d love to hear what other people think of it. 

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