Day 551 & 552 – School

Wednesday, August 30th 2017

That day was alright. I started off with technology and I worked on a 3D model as well as my portfolio website. 

In English we simply continued the questions to the short story we were reading and turned in one of the parts.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and my other one was absent. We didn’t know why exactly, but we assumed it was the club she’s usually in.

In math we continued learning and I began to understand a little better. We were also given homework, which was pretty easy for the most part, although I still have a few areas to work on.

We finished the day with French and I don’t remember much of what we did. We read our book, which is the Life of Pi (so luckily a good one), discussed religion (we each had to say a word about it, and it was mostly positive to my surprise; my word was “sacrifice” which was one of the words that recieved the most impressed reactions, it’s also something that is very true to me), since that’s a theme in the novel, and wrote a small reaction to a quote so our teacher can see how far we’ve gotten by the end of the year.

At home I ran quite a bit and then did some homework before watching an episode of Supernatural and going to bed early. I also said goodbye to my brother, since he’s going to the U.S for a few days.

Thursday, August 31st 2017

I started with French. We took some notes on more historical French stuff that I didn’t really listen to, since that type of history isn’t my biggest interest, haha. We also read our book and watched part of a movie.

In math we corrected our homework, learned some more problems and I still have quite a bit to work on. I understand, although it’s just knowing what to do to solve a problem that I need to figure out. Also, my teacher is in charge of my schedule, so he fixed it for me. He said he’d call for me later in the day during my other classes, but he never did.

At lunch I sat with my close friend once again, and eventually I left early for my English class, where we recieved our work from yesterday (only got a couple of mistakes, one being that I wrote paralized and not paralyzed, as well as a Canadian, I should be writing paralysed, although both are okay), did some sentence structure work (at some point I got called out, but I was in the middle of writing down answers and catching up, so I had to say “not yet” to having an answer… I hate when that happens, since it gives me quite a bit of anxiety, cause it puts you on the spot, but luckily he moved one pretty quickly), and then started another short story. Apparently we have a quiz tomorrow, but it only seems to be about vocabulary words on the previous short story and I wrote down the definitions of the words like, three times, so I know them by now, haha.

I finished with technology and worked quite a bit on my portfolio website and just trying to get the layout to work.

At home I didn’t run, since I was exhausted from last time. Instead I focused on my portfolio and just relaxed.

That’s all for today.

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