Day 8

This day was a mass. In Genève, it was raining hard so that even to get to the airport I’ve decided to take a bus. I’ve been working on the idea me coming to King’s for the whole day until I felt myself back home again right after landing in Toronto. The North America (which is both the USA and Canada) seem to be the one place. Therefore, coming to Canada was kind of returning to the USA, where I’ve promised myself to return about 4 years ago. And here I am, sitting in Wemple dormitory. It would be perfect if the magic HP hat could decide where to place the student, but it have not. The Wemple is one of the best dormitories here: the rooms are neat and clean, there is enough space for everything. BUT (!) it is one important detain I have not mentioned yet. That is that this dormitories block (3 floors with the canteen on the ground floor) is only for the GIRLS! And personally, speaking I do not have a nice attitude to the girls. I am working on it right now. As well as on my wish to move so that I will live by my own. My argument supporting this idea would be that I am a Buddhist. Therefore, I need to pray and meditate 2 time per day chanting mantras aloud. Seems a good argument to me. At least it is not just about studying. And, which is also important, it’s not a Lie.

The sky is big and blue here. The air is wide and clean. The place really reminds me Russia, with a different architectural pattern, thought. All the bed coverings were already brought to my room so the only thing I had to do was to make my bed. I was tired – as far as I could not understand anything what happened to me. It was already morning in Russia when I went to sleep. And Daniel called me to say Goodnight. I feel like I’ve never been that tired before.

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