Feeling Stressed

Saw my best friend at the chiropractor’s today.  She is down to 97 pounds, taller than me.  She feels terrible, hurts all over.  I have been praying for her years.  I don’t know what to do to help her.  She lives alone and is very lonely but doesn’t want to mingle or get together.  Lord Have Mercy on her.  Correct what is making her so sick and let her thrive and be healthy once again.  Please.  Friends, please pray for Lee.  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Stressed”

  1. Hope your friend gets better. Sadly I don’t think there is much you can do at this point as far as her pain goes. That is out of your hands, even if you deeply want to do something to help her out. It is very hard to see loved ones in pain. Hope you stay strong. All you can do is still offer your friendship and hope that she will take it and let you spend time with her so she won’t be as lonely. I feel your sadness!

  2. I pray that she feels able to seek out your company more, and other peoples…I kinda understand why she doesn’t want to mingle much despite being lonely, I’m the same. Lots of love xxx

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