ten to.

Some nights, I just can’t sleep. I come here late at night. When my significant other is sleeping. So I have nothing but silence to sit here and write.

What could possibly be the topic of tonight’ entry?

Broken Promises and my excuse for them.

Now, you may think I mean receiving broken promises. I don’t. I’m one of the few people can admit to their wrongs and take full consequence.

I make broken promises all the time. Not quiet intentionally do I mean this in any way. Reason being, I say I’m gonna do this, or do that. I don’t always, but I always end up hating myself or doubting myself for not doing what I’ve just claimed I was going to. It’s nothing big really just little stuff.  Example; saying I’m gonna go visit someone. 

Is it really big of a deal as I am proclaiming it to be? For some, saying you’re gonna visit but never do it just proving to them of how much you don’t care of the friendship or relationship you hold. I don’t want anyone to ever think that of me as I value everyone in my life. 

Just some days, my emotional and mental status just won’t let me do the things I want them to do. Even as bad I want to do them, I always find ways to convince myself other wise.


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