The Unknown

If you were presented two paths, which would you choose?

The first, you know to be very difficult but have the assistance of previous trekkers to aid you along the way. You know there is a grand reward at the end of the path, one that you can indulge in until your dying day. And as treacherous as it may seem, you know you will be content with the memory of the adventure when you’re old and grey. 

The second is ambiguous. You don’t know what to expect and no one to guide you throughout the journey. Will it be easier or more difficult? Will it have a greater reward at the end or will it only provide you with regret? You believe it is the path for you from the limited sources you’ve heard from. But what if it does not meet your expectations? What if the pavement is so full of cracks that you can no longer maneuver around them?

But what if it is worth it? What if it is so uncomplicated, that you breeze through the whole trek? What if there is a reward at the end and grants you the one thing that has been scarce throughout your life: happiness? And although you will be making your way alone, what if you gain more from the experience than you would with others’ help? What if the pavement is so flawless and smooth, you travel barefoot, so confident that no step will be acquainted with weariness or pain? 

What would you do?

Would you travel the safe path or the road less travelled?

Would you choose the secured or

the Unknown?

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