[57.1] ~*Sat – 09/02/17*~

[12:24 pm]

Well, surprisingly my client was done like an hour before her time. She normally always goes between 5-15 minutes over her time. I guess I could of went to the earlier show with my other client in the end. I was almost tempted to call the office to ask them to call him to see if he still wanted to go to the earlier show so then my day would be done earlier but I decided to eat instead. I could also go to bed for like two hours but I’m trying my very best not to go sleep. I think that’s why I bought some food when we were at the grocery store so then I’ll eat and not go sleep. I’m also taking advantage of being home right now and doing some laundry as I need to wash a few blankets and all our clothes for our camping trip.

I got home and I was like “where’s hub?” as the car wasn’t in the driveway. I just realized after that it’s Sat today so he started at noon and not at four. I had totally forgotten about that for a minute. I guess he must be feeling better as he went to work. Then again, he said he would be going either way. I just hope he does feel better.

Since I had time in between my clients and didn’t plan on going to bed for once, I almost called my friend to see if she wanted to go to brunch. I decided to keep my money and only go on Mon as we had planned. It would be really nice if I could win some money on Mon before we leave for the campground. It would help out as I still need to pay between $300-400 for the power bill when it comes in. It’s the end of my equalize year and looks like the winter was a bit of a harsh one cause I have a big difference in what I paid and actually owe. I’m not sure how much yet as the bill hasn’t come in. I just remembered that I did make an account online at one point, I think anyways. Maybe I could try to look online.

Looks like I owe $326.08 as I just checked my online account. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it yesterday when I paid off my bills. I had made the account to try and get it paid off with my credit card to get some cash back but we can’t pay the power bill with a credit card, it needs to be a bank account. It sucks! So then I just never checked the online account again as I still have the bill coming in the mail cause I like to keep it in a file. I’m still old style on a few things. Haha! I guess I shall pay that right now and get it over and done with. Also looks like my bill for the new year will be $30 more per month. Sucks! I’m always the one that ends up having the bills that goes up and hub the one that goes down. So unfair! 




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