[57] ~*Sat – 09/02/17*~

[12:21 am]

That dear husband of mine. He woke up at 11 pm and asked me to go get him some BK cause he was hungry. So I got dressed and went out to get him some food. He’s such a big baby. He would do the same for me though if I’d ask him to go get me food so I can’t really talk. Anyways, that said, I didn’t get to finish the episode I was watching as it was late. I told him I was going to bed but then we started listening to songs on YouTube and here I am.. past midnight and I’m just getting to bed now. I didn’t even read or play my farming game yet. It’s late so I’d want to just take my pill and sleep now but I always feel like it’s not right if I don’t at least read before sleeping. It’s like a ritual. I can already see myself being super tired tomorrow morning. I’ll be glad when the day is over. Vacation time!! I have a feeling I’ll be sleeping at the movie. I don’t even know what’s the movie about and don’t recall the name right now so yea, don’t have a good feeling about that one. 

Anyways, I just felt like writing so here I am. I could be using the time to read but of course not. I guess I should get to it though if I want to sleep before two and have at least six hours of sleep. I just wish I could sleep without the pill, maybe the mornings wouldn’t be so hard as the pill are still affecting me most times as I don’t get the eight hours I’m supposed to sleep. I need to work on that. I need to try to sleep earlier so that I get at least eight hours sleep cause most of the time it’s only seven.

I’m still hoping hub feels better tomorrow as his back is still hurting him. He’s on the computer right now. I told him he wasn’t allowed to use it as he called in sick. He sent me to bed. Pfft! Men!




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