A weeks break … which week can I have ?

Daughter makes me laugh as she said I need a break .

A week to do my own things and rest.

A break from helping them all week …so stop asking me then ! 

Tuesday I had to take sons kids to go get uniform ready for the return to school next week.

Ex daughter in law was supposed to buy it but then again she didn’t shift her lazy fat butt so here we are a week before and the kids have nothing.

They were good as we dragged round and round the shops trying on shoes and coats and bits even stopping to get them lunch in the cafe halfway through our shopping trip.

Wednesday I managed to actually sort out some paperwork of my parents ,that opened my eyes to things I never knew .Now I can’t even ask Mother about it and Dad has gone so unanswered questions forever more.Seems Mother has kept all my late great aunts paperwork and photos as well so more to sort through and ultimately dispose of I guess as it’s of no use to anyone.

Thursday took a few grandkids swimming as I have neglected them lately with looking after Dad and then all the funeral business.The grandkids are used to me being active with them but they have been good knowing that old grandad was more important for that time.

Then daughter rang with her two hour complaint about her eldest then finished with would I watch the baby Saturday afternoon as she wants to take her other kids to the circus.So that’s where I will be today at daughters house .No doubt cleaning her house up as she doesn’t believe in keeping a tidy house ,washing up or doing laundry until it’s needed.That bugs the hell out of me as her house is a tip always and she knows I will blitz her house.Time she gets back home all her laundry will be done and folded into piles .Her kitchen will be free of dirty plates and the sides you will actually be able to see again.All the rubbish will be bagged up and put in the garden ready for bin day instead of all over the floor and sides.Even her dog will be happy that I am there as he will get attention.I will probably put the baby in his prom and then take him and the dog out for a walk .The dog never gets walked unless I take him.Sometimes I collect him when I take my dog out and they have a good run together through the woods and he loves it.When he needs a bath and hair cut I just book him in and take him then give daughter the bill ,same with the vet when he needs it.He suffers with epilepsy so has to have regular checks .To be honest I’m not sure why she has a dog but one day he will be mine.

Then grandson rang can I take him and his mate to the theme park ,it’s only a two hour drive there ! Two hours there and then two hours back then when he rings can I collect them again.Eight hours of driving …how about no ! Get the train you lazy sod ! What has happened to teenagers being able to do things for themselves .

Ex daughter in law rang …my kettle has gone kaput .Ok so your telling me this because ? Well of course the kids blah blah blah …ok ok here’s some money go buy a new kettle .Son would go crazy if he knew how much I help her still but she knows the grandkids are the carrots she can dangle in front of me every time.

Then son rings something about his tax return and can I do it over the weekend ,which I will do and to say another grandchild is coming as his girlfriend is pregnant.Lets hope this isn’t another carrot but she seems a nice girl ,nothing like his ex and this one makes him happy so time will tell.

Inbetween I have had my own shit to deal with but of course that doesn’t matter.

So dear daughter when can I have this week off and sit and be a total vegetable for a week .Sit on the sofa with my dog of course and do nothing for a week ? 

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