Negative Spirit Oppression


September 3, 2017

11:44 pm

   I’m about to turn in here in a few moments. As far as dealing with these negative spirit attachments goes… was pretty typical. 

  I awoke and heard a faint voice speaking into my left ear. It seems to be the case these days that these negative entities are just hovering over me early in the morning….just waiting for me to awaken so that they can begin a day of harassment and attempts at mind games.

  The voices started early today, but they never reached a point where they were that extreme or that oppressive. 

  I tried to rest a few times during they day and they were causing me some significant disruption with the physical sensations/disturbances. I came close to falling asleep, but couldn’t quite pull it off today. That’s mostly how it goes, but last week, I managed to pull off a four hour nap, so it can happen occasionally.


September 4, 2017

4:25 am

  I woke up early this morning….not because of any harassment from these entity attachments, but because my stomach wasn’t feeling so great.

  The voices are present at the moment, but I’m not hearing them at a strong level….for the most part, they are whispery and faint at the moment.


11:31 am

  I managed to go back to sleep. It actually went pretty well for a change. I fell asleep for about six hours. 

  There was some disturbance from the physical sensations at first, but I fell asleep quickly enough and it just seemed to stop. Mostly, I was feeling something clinging to me and moving around slightly.

  At the moment, the voices are present, but vey faint. They are not causing much of a disturbance for me at all right now (knock on wood).


2:49 pm

  The strength of the voices has picked up a bit over the course of the last couple of hours. It’s a bit warmer today (after being cooler the past few days)….so I’m running my air conditioner at the moment, and as usual, they are using the steady noise to project their voices over.


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