Julie & Julia

“Perfection! And even if it isn’t, no excuses, no explanations.” – Julia Childs 

Wrapping up my day with this feel good movie. I’m a sucker for the inspirational ones. I forgot how good this one is. I just love Julia’s character. Strong willed, determined, out spoken, ambitious, goofy, loud, unapologetic, but also so sweet. And her relationship with her husband. Ugh. 💕 I just love love. Like, real, raw love. They seemed to be the bestest of friends. He supported her endeavors, took corny ass pictures with her for post cards and for her book, pulled her away when she was running her mouth too much. Now… who knows if any of those parts are true, but she has a book with all them letters don’t she? Who knows I’m not a fan of hers. I just enjoy the movie. The story. 👀 I watched Insecure before this and that just made me mad. Ha. Issa is getting on my nerves and so is Molly. I could absolutely be without Dro’s character. He gets on my damn nerves too with his big head ass, ugly ass smile.

I need to calm down… Acting like they’re real people. And close personal friends at that! 😂 but like…. ugh. The only people I like right now are Daniel and Lawrence. I think Issa overreacted. Like, bitch… The man gave you a warning and you acting like you brand new! She’s stupid. And I don’t even wanna touch ground about Molly’s stupid ass, dumb ass, ho ass, acting like she don’t know what’s up ass. HE’S LYING BITCH. Or maybe he’s not. But he’s damn MARRIED. Open marriage my asshole. Get your hurt ass on somewhere. Can you NOT sleep with another guy to make yourself feel better orrrrrrrr????? Like, I’m over both of them right now, if you can’t tell.

So let’s just say I’m more than happy I ran across Julie & Julia. Lmao. As I sit here and watch this movie I makes me think about the couple I saw get married today. I did the brides makeup, she was getting so anxious while she was in my chair. They’d already been together for 25 years and she was still getting butterflies. I loved that. I stopped by the ceremony because I wanted to see everything come together. I always can feel if it’s real love. Watching them side by side, I noticed how he would straighted her veil ever so delicately. Always reached out his hand to help her up. (Catholic service) And when they took pictures they just both seemed so happy. When it was just them taking pictures, it seemed as if no one else was in the building. They giggled like teenagers as the photographer directed them in different poses. She, always leaning in her head to be closer to him. I wondered if it was just a natural thing for her. I’m such a creep lol but like I said. I love love. That pure love. I want that. I want a Julia Childs romance. I want someone to giggle and blush with 25-50, forever years later. I guess we all in some way or another crave that. Some rush into it. Some take their time with it. Some feel it right away. Some don’t think they deserve it. Some say they don’t want it, but that’s a lie. We all want to be loved.

It’s nice to know that God will always have unconditional love for us….but it’s also nice to have that love right in front of you.. telling it and showing it to you everyday. There are days I get so scared I won’t be so fortunate as to get that. I think I may fall into the category of “I don’t deserve it”. I can truly be a monster at times. Truthfully, I believe we all have the capability to be monsters. I guess the only thing I can say is to fix what you don’t like about yourself, so when you do find that one you don’t push them away. It’s so hard, but I read a verse that says you should fix things when you are younger because the older you get the more you get stuck in your ways and the harder it is to change. Not verbatim, obviously, but yeah. Soooo, I’m preparing myself to receive blessings. Because as much as I feel I don’t deserve them, I do. Ask and you shall receive. Closed mouths don’t get fed, right? Prepared by Jill Scott comes to mind.


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