So I have a “friend” (im putting it in quotation because im starting to think shes not a friend anymore) and she does great work on making t shirts. So we are going to disney so i asked her maybe 2 months ago. Well she said sure and said once the kids get back in school we will do it. Well they are about to start their 3rd week of school. So i didnt say anything well she hurt her neck and also suffers from migraines so i didnt push the issue till about 1.5 weeks ago bc she said she was going to have surgery and shes out of commission for two weeks. Well thats pretty close to her surgery. So last night we were suppose to go over at 3 when mady gpt up from nap. Well at 245 she texted me and said that shes so sick (now in the morning she went shopping for 2.5 hours) and that can we push it to 530. I said sure bc i wasnt ready to go over. At 445 she texted me again and said can we do the shirts tomorrow (which is today) i said fine. Well deep down i was like we arent doing it today. So i got up at 830 and waited till 12 to text her (she likes to sleep in) so at 111 she texted me and said i sent braxton to my moms at 9 and i just woke up 30 minutes ago i responded o. Nothing well i fell asleep and i woke up at 3 NOTHING from her. So i just let it ago i will give her till 430 than i will text her. Its 506 and ive heard nothing. I didnt schedule anything this weekend bc we were suppose to do this and ive done nothing so that im available to do this. John was home all day so i could of left my kids home and got it done faster but instead she ignores my text. Im tired of being a friend to people when they dont return it. I know migraines suck i know shes in a lot of pain but how hard is it to let a person know what is going on. Im just over it im tired of people being rude to me. And on top of it all i have a little four year old who wants to go over to her friends house to play and i have to tell her we cant bc his mom is being riduculous. I dont ask for anything from her. When i ask im always there to help. But she asked me if i can take her son to school bc she cant drive for two weeks and i said sure. Im just over not having any loyal friends. I guess im just a bad friend 🙁

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