too many textbooks!

The first week of school was exhausting but really great. I have five books/textbooks, as well as a loose chapter of another book and two short stories, to read by Tuesday. Thankfully, I already brought three of the textbooks home, so I just had to lug my physics book back yesterday. It was still heavy, though. Awful.

But my classes are all going nicely. I am going to LOVE AP Econ, I swear. Our teacher is really good at teaching econ, and he’s really funny about it, too. Yesterday when he was explaining the difference between positive and normative economics, he suddenly clutched at his chest and laid down on the floor, and said “Okay, I’ve had a heart attack and died. How would you determine if I was really dead?” As an example of how, in normative economics, facts can be argued about. He’s so cool and awesome that way.

Also, I’m slowly getting to know some more people. Kind of.

It was my friend’s birthday yesterday (she’s in China, so the time zones make birthdays weird to talk about). She’s a whole year younger than I am! Haha. But I miss her so much. It’s weird how you can miss people so intensely when you technically haven’t even spent that much time with them. I spent five months with her, but I still miss her a lot.

We have another four-day week this Tuesday, but I’ll also have to attend two club meetings, which kind of sucks ass since I’m not even a necessary member of the club, but whatever. I have to look for more clubs to join, not just because I need extracurriculars, but because I genuinely want to DO MORE STUFF this year that’s not just about school work.

Yesterday was the first pep rally of the year, but I really didn’t want to go since I was so tired already by the time eighth period rolled around. I’ll go to one eventually; we have like, one a week for a while during the fall. Anyway, I just stayed in the English room with JS, which was great, since we haven’t really talked a lot since school started because we don’t have the same lunch anymore. Man, I LOVE her. That sounds weird and random, but it’s just really true.

Also, I got 63 notes on a Tumblr post about Artemis Fowl’s birthday, which was yesterday. That’s my first original post, and I’m so proud! Lol. I’m so lame.

I’m so much happier this year than I was last year. I mean, I’m still stressing, but there are so many moments this year when I just feel really free and good. In my letter to myself that we had to write for English, I mentioned this fact. I hope my brother doesn’t move and will be there to get the letter lol. It would be rad to open it once I’m in college.

I’m so nostalgic when I listen to old music. Gosh. Why are so many old songs turned into memes, though? Lmao. Fireflies, Never Gonna Give You Up, Heads Will Roll, Shooting Stars, A Thousand Miles, Bring Me to Life. The list goes on and on. And they’re all GOOD songs, too, like you’d think meme songs would be bad, but they’re actually really good.

I wanna buy some makeup. I really want to know how to do good eye and eyebrow makeup, because my eyebrows are REALLY light and thin, and they disappear in bright light >:-|Also, I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle, since it looks really boring and it’s always parted on one side. I would get a shaggy sort of pixie cut, but I’m kind of scared it’ll look bad and I won’t be able to grow it out again. I have a weird oval-but-also-heart-shaped face, so my forehead is pretty high and my chin is sort of weak, so I don’t know what kind of hairstyle would be best for me. Also, anything with waves or curls won’t work, since my hair is Asian-straight, and any kind of wave just straightens out on its own. So that eliminates more than half of all possible hairstyles….

Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Buzzfeed Unsolved while I do homework and whatnot. It’s so FUNNY and I always wheeze with laughter. Shane and Ryan are so great that sometimes the whole “unsolved case” isn’t even frightening anymore. I LOVE THEM. I think I’d be more like Ryan because although I’ve never ~come into contact~ with any supernatural things, I’m more inclined to believe in their existence than Shane is.

WAIT I also had a weird dream this afternoon. In the dream, someone was stalking me, and kept calling, texting, and sending letters to me. He threatened me because I “was a feminist” (which is true irl but y’know, weird to hear in a dream), and said that there was no use in blocking his numbers because he knew all of my personal info, like my name, address, and school. Jesus. It was terrifying. Does it MEAN anything, though? Idek.

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  1. Hey 🙂 So glad to see you writing about feeling happier this time around, really really great! 😀 And Happy Belated Birthday from me! I wish I was 18 again!! I used to wear so much make up as a teenager, black liquid eyeliner…if I try to do it now it takes forever, practice really does make perfect with make up. I wish I had naturally straight hair…being Mexican my hair is dark brown but naturally wavy!

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