You’re a G

Sometimes you DO have to remind yourself you’re a G and you’re wavy (phenomenal and unstoppable). I’m here to remind us (myself and anyone else who needs reminding) we’re all Gs. If you’re still here you have a purpose. If you have any pain it’ll pass nothing last forever not even the good times sadly. Hence why I’m typing this because I’m sad right now but I’m cheering myself up by reminding myself I’m a G. My life isn’t full of drama, it’s filled with love and love. Yes not everyday I may feel appreciated and cherished but I do feel loved by God everyday, I do feel like I have a purpose everyday, I do feel like I am on the better side of humans (I’m not a piece of shit). Everyday I feel like I’m growing spiritually and emotionally and mentally. ❤️ I just wish everyone knew how individually special we all are honestly everyone has a purpose. We’re all humans and shouldn’t seem better or lower than others. We’re all on the same level and mostly all have the same bone structure inside. Okay ummmm I think I’m just typing and not really thinking what I’m saying. I’m hungry and I feel better. Plus I’m down to talk if anyone wants to chat ☺️

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