[58] ~*Sun – 09/03/17*~

[2:07 pm]

I woke up about 20 mins ago. I didn’t think I’d wake up so “early” as I was expecting to sleep until at least three. Really I had been kinda forcing myself to sleep more for the past hour or so, so I finally decided to get out of bed. I just didn’t want to have to do anything and I know I have a lot to do today as I need to get everything ready for camping. I’m assuming we’re still going. I haven’t really talked to hub since last night as I don’t know at what time he went to bed and he is sleeping right now. He didn’t go to the hospital and he didn’t use any of what I bought him. Pfft! I spent like $10 on all that stuff. Oh well..

I don’t feel like doing anything right now but I’ll have to get going at some point, in like an hour maybe. I need to go to the grocery store to do a grocery and I also want to buy a smaller cooler for this year as we always carry the huge one up the tree house for our drinks in case we’re thirsty in the middle of the night. This year I’ve decided to invest in a smaller one so we can just carry that one and leave the big one in the car. More spending, yay! I also want to look for a small table as there is no table or chair in the tree house. It is basically just the one bed and two small bunks for kids. So normally at night we play a few games in bed before sleeping but then it’s not too comfy. So I was thinking that maybe if we took a small folding table and our chairs inside that could work. Although I’m not too sure if there is room as there is also a tree inside the tree house about in the middle so that kinda cuts in the space we have inside. We do have folding tables here that we use in the house but they would be too high for our chairs. Anyways.. I’m sure we will figure something out. I just hope we don’t have rain where we need to stay inside the tree house. I haven’t even looked at the weather. Maybe I should do that.

OMG! I want to cry as it says scattered thunderstorms for tomorrow and Tue and rain on Wed. Crap! Now I just feel like cancelling. It’s like 80%, 60% and 90%. That doesn’t look good. I’m not sure about the tree house we have rented for the last day as I didn’t pay attention which one was which when we were there, I only know the one we normally take. That said, the one we normally take has it’s picnic table under the tree house so even if it rains a bit it shouldn’t touch us. I was thinking that maybe I could bring some shower curtain and find a way to attach them all around on the tree house poles so then the rain really couldn’t get to us under there unless it’s super windy. Now I feel like I need to call someone to ask them what they think cause gosh, it’s suppose to rain all three damn days. That really sucks! This is all because I booked for three instead of two. I’m always so unlucky.

I guess we’ll just hope for the best cause I just want to go away. I will relax for half an hour and then go see if hub wants to come shopping with me or stay in bed. I need to buy our food, prep all the stuff, take a shower, prep the food for the suggies so my friend just have to give it to them when she comes feed them, clean their tray and empty the garbage. I also need to come up with some meal ideas in case we do have some rain and can’t make a fire to do our food as at night we always cook on the fire. Arg I really hope it doesn’t rain the whole time.




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