[58.1] ~*Sun – 09/03/17*~

[11:27 pm]

I made it through the day. First day of vacation gone and I didn’t even do anything fun. I slept in and then ran all over to get stuff together for camping. I spent more money on food for camping than I spend in a week on grocery. I always buy way too much but you never know what you’ll feel like eating out there. Haha! We mostly always come back with half the food. 

Anyways, we went out to eat at the Casino and I almost wanted to play. I told hub I needed to feed my addiction. Lol! I didn’t play thought, I was just kidding. We’re going tomorrow for brunch before we leave for the campground and we’ll be playing the free money then. Hope we win at least a little something. So after the Casino I was going back and forth from getting stuff ready and watching Orange Is The New Black. I can’t focus on just one thing. I pretty much got it all ready beside the stuff we’ll be using in the morning that I couldn’t pack tonight. Man, it takes so much stuff to go camping. This is when I’m glad we’re just the two of us or we’d need something bigger than the car. That just reminded me that next year we want to go with mom and friend but now I’m wondering if we’ll have enough room for everything. Mom will be coming by herself but we will be the three of us and we’re the ones with all the equipment. Unless we give all the stuff to mom at some point before so she can bring it as she’ll have plenty of room in her car. We shall see next year. 

I’m actually surprised that I managed to get it all done tonight and be in bed before midnight. I even took a shower and got the suggies food ready for the days we’re gone. Now I shall read a bit and get some sleep as I want to get up for noon tomorrow. I still hope we’ll have some nice weather. I bought a tarp in case it rains. Not sure if we’ll be able to put it up but it’s there in case. I also hope hub’s back won’t hurt too much as he’s still in pain but didn’t want to cancel. He tried the ice thing today but it didn’t do anything. He’s hoping to go fishing while we’re at the campground as there’s a river close to it. That’s prob why he doesn’t want to cancel. He’s been crying to go fishing for ages and finally decided that he will be going while we’re out there. He also thinks he will catch something as he made me buy a knife for the fish so he can eat it. Can’t wait to see that. Bouhaha!




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