I’m denying my natural rights to fall apart
This world always demands a fight
with all my might
I don’t always know
the next levels I should go
There’s no turning back
even when I sometimes feel low
I’m struggling to avoid
the possibility of it
Falling apart is a scary bit
It means admitting that you’re unfit
Still, I have to race
against the laughing demons in my face
trying to put me in disgrace
Tell me, is this nothing but a wild-goose chase?
Now I’m waiting for that dreadful chance
just to fall apart
My feet are too tired
Please, don’t ask me to do the same old dance
But I can’t give up
Hell, I never want to
I’ve already risked a lot
just to prove that I’m enough
really, really good enough
Still, I need a momentary break
This is one I cannot fake…
(Jakarta, 12/7/2017 – 6:15 am)

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