Alpha Camp Learning Journal Wk3

1. Objective: What did you do this week? 

Storytelling and copywriting. Based on the brief of of my “own” business, I would have to consider how do I write in order to appeal to my target audience.

2. Reflective: How did you feel this week?
This is something I have not really done for my daily work. Usually I have own copywriters to do the initial writeups and I would be making minor corrections to tune it to relevant business context. However at class, we were taught to write from scratch and learn about the hard work required behind each successful phrase. This makes me feel more appreciative to the copywriters but also knowing how to refine the messages better on my own.

3. Interpretive: What did you learn this week? Any reflection, questions and problems.
I have enjoyed the classes more than what I have expected. Classmates and class syllabus are qute interesting to me and have increased my knowledge to plan out online marketing. On the other hand, though I managed to complete first 2 weeks assignment, tight work schedule for the week and the coming one week will be tough to keep up with the assignments. 

4. Decisional: What are you going to do next week?
I will try to clear up the week’s assignment by end of each week. Hopefully business trips frequency will reduce after next week and I can fully concentrate on my assignment! all the best to me!

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