Day 553 & 554 – Family, Sims and messing around

Friday, September 1st 2017

Since I skipped a day, don’t remember much from this one. Only notable thing is that I learned more about my math project and I’m still lost as ever. Although I have a general idea of what I wanna do. The rest is just stuff we haven’t learned yet and I’ll begin to understand with time. Oh, and I was approached once again for an art event I went to last year, but since I already went and I need time on my portfolio, I decided to not go.

Saturday, September 2nd 2017

Today I had family over. I switched between talking to them and playing the Sims 4. I really wanted to play it again after watching Dan and Phil playing it. I always get excited to recreate a character, but become disappointed at the few ressources I have for creating them. So it always end up being some kind of normal version of the character, that barely looks like them, which ruins the immersion. I still had fun playing though.

I also had some random text moment with Kohai. She texted me “Boop Boop I gotchuuu :p” which I answered with “Oh no, I am caught by the Boop” and eventually became this thing where I’m Beep and I’m now her partner in crime, where we go capture her sister Meep, and claim that we are unstopabble, not even Moop can stop us, NO ONE CAN. BEWARE, MORTALS. WE ARE BEEP-BOOP, DESTROYERS OF OTHER EEPS AND OOPS. *Clears throat* Anyway, we had a fun little convo like that where we–I guess you could consider roleplay? Just messing around, basically, haha. Fun to do little things like that with someone.

That’s all for today.

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