Entry #8 – Arguments

Hey hey, it’s Flash with another update.


So it’s been about a minute since something that pissed me off happened, and I realized that the thing that pissed me off happens quite periodically. I won’t go into details about what it is, but it’s honestly something I wish I could get rid of in my life.

To give a little bit of information about it, my brother (known as CJ in Missy’s journals) and I tend to…argue quite a bit. I get it though, we’re brothers, so we’re bound to argue a bit now and again, but the thing is: The way CJ and I argue is…different than most.

Where you would expect to find loud yelling and screaming, you instead find calm, composed (dare I say professional) speech. Yeah, what you call an argument to us is a freaking debate.

The worst part is that we argue over the stupidest things. He’s always so eager to pick apart every little thing in my “claims”, and he especially likes targeting the things that are wrong, whether those things are related to the actual subject matter or not.

He reminds me of my dad in so many ways in this regard. Whenever he goes into this “Debate Mode” (the signs are bigger, more professional word choice, even and calm way of speaking, and overly-nitpicky analysis of each word that comes out of my mouth) I know I’m going to be angry by the end of it.

One of the similarities with my father he shares in this “Debate Mode” is how he always makes you feel like you’re losing the confrontation; That you have to work harder to keep up with the debate, and he’s not even trying at all. Daddy dearest and I have those same little “debates” where we’re not yelling, just speaking evenly.

I can’t help but get angry on the inside though when speaking in this manner. Like why can’t they just yell like normal people? This method is a lot more frustrating, since if you can’t match their intellectual ability, you’ll find yourself being backed into a corner very quickly.

Another similarity they share is their inability to end the debate without getting the last word in. Lordy-lord I lost count of how many times I just gave up after a good hour or two of debating, since if there’s one thing that’ll get them the win, it’s their perseverance.

Honestly, from the beginning I didn’t care about the ridiculous topics that we get into such serious debates about, but my own pride won’t allow me to give up that easily.

I just absolutely hate how he treats even the most minuscule of issues like it’s a god damned court case, asking for evidence and proof of claims. See, he’s a very logical person, so he won’t accept anything as fact unless there’s proof to back it up, even if it’s so blatantly obvious. I can’t remember how many times he’s told me that common sense isn’t proof.

Ugh, he’s just such a pain in my ass to deal with, especially coupled with all of the other problems in my life I have. I really don’t need that kind of stress on my mind.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my suffering. Leave a comment if you want to laugh at me, or whatever. Until next time.



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